After the cancellation of 2020’s Upfront due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Upfront Week 2021 presented unique challenges and opportunities. With two months of lead time, the question was: How should WarnerMedia present itself in these uncertain times? With such a tight schedule, the option to avoid as many risks as possible was tempting. This was a time to be bold and fearless, as were those who built Warner Bros Discovery.

We were part of a team that oversaw the art and digital content included in 75 minutes of produced content, including an eleven-minute “oner” — a cinematic stunt that appeared as a single take on one camera. Leslie Odom Jr. acted as the tour guide and took the audience on a journey through the broad and beautiful portfolio of content and characters that WarnerMedia holds across its many brands. This leading-edge approach was a huge success and cemented WarnerMedia’s position as a cornerstone of the industry — which helped set the stage for record-breaking ad sales.

Executive Producer
Katrina Cukaj, Kerri Thornblad, Soren West

Executive | Creative & Production
Trevor Burk, Lauren Brignone, Aaron Clayton, Brin Hill

Sam Wrench

Warner Bros. Studios, ATOMIC, 4Wall, Earlybird, 10th Street Productions

Art Supervisor/Graphics Producer
Joe Vaccarino (Stellar Hawk)

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